eye tracking glasses

We are please to announce that as well as offering a fieldwork service we are now the official UK, Scandinavian and Dutch distributor of the very latest in eye tracking glasses. 

The ETVision system is the latest development from US based Argus Science and provides high update rate and binocular measurement. With the ultimate in ease of use and complete mobility indoors or out the ETVision is ideally suited to psychology, market research and sports science applications

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Features Include 

  • Precise, binocular eye measurement at 180Hz.
  • Automatic vergence correction for accuracy at any distance.
  • High Definition Scene Image.
  • Incredibly fast and simple setup: Auto feature detection combined with single point calibration allows for fast participant setup.
  • Score feedback gives investigator confidence for quality of gaze data.
  • ETAnalysis base package included with every ETVision System.
  • Left Eye, Right Eye and Scene images displayed in GUI with constant real-time feedback showing point-of-gaze and system feature recognition performance.
  • Two Way audio allows investigator to speak with participant...and participant to speak to investigator, during performance of task.
  • Real-time network communication with external devices.
  • Just launched Real-time feedback via a mobile phone app https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqqE2LmzkYQ



TV, print and online

Shopper behaviour through to pack testing

Way finding and navigation

Mobile phone through to app testing

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