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Digital content

With websites, apps and other digital content, impact is not the issue – but usability is.  If your content isn’t easy to navigate, your target customers will take seconds to switch to another that is. In fact 67% of users claim they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed site, making testing a vital tool for all.

To track both conscious and subconscious eye movements, and hence to gain a complete read of how the site is being ‘read’, we use on screen eye tracking.  However, if they are only available on mobile screens (tables or smart phones) we use mobile eye tracking.

In each case, we give the ‘reader’ a task.  From the eye tracking data we can see how long they took to complete the task and how easily they moved through the different navigation points – if they wavered and took a long time we will know they ran into problems and the navigation isn’t good enough (and vice versa). 

In this example below we asked participants to try and buy a car seat for an 18 month old, but they struggled because they didn’t know the weight of the child.  You can see from their eye movements that they were really struggling to sort the offer by child age rather than child weight.

Stand alone or fully integrated - Our services can be provided as an individual study or easily integrated into other market research to complement the work and provide a greater degree of understanding.

Buying a car seat

Web footage 2015