Seeing Through Your Customers Eyes

Eyetracker offers a full range of eye tracking services which can be tailored to suit your individual requirements, for use in the UK and the whole of Europe.

Why should I use eyetracking?

Why should I use eyetracking?

Using both mobile (real world) and static (screen based) eye tracking we provide accurate, in-depth analysis on how customers interact with products – where they look and their levels of cognitive engagement, providing real actionable insights.

Traditional research techniques rely upon self reporting methodologies, which are fine if you want to explore what people think they looked at, but if you really want to know what draws their attention the only way to do it is by using eye tracking. 

Understand what people actually look at rather than what they say they look at. 




TV, print and online

Shopper behaviour through to pack testing

Way finding and navigation

Mobile phone through to app testing

Direct mail