As industry leaders as we strive to deliver a completely bespoke service which fits your research needs. Our unique approach combines psychological, behaviourial and qualitative research techniques with advanced data analysis models, which enables us to validate conclusions and provide effective and deliverable recommendations.

Along with a variety of technology and methods we offer two different packages to choose from which are flexible and can tailored to fit your individual requirements.

Full Agency Service

We offer a full research and analysis service including:

  • Study design by qualified team of statisticians and psychologists.
  • Location sourcing
  • Recruitment of respondents
  • Respondent interviewing
  • Project Management
  • Detailed eye tracking analysis
  • Fully documented findings and recommendations
  • Presentation of results

Bureau Service

We recognize that not everyone wants our full agency service, therefore, we also offer a system rental service including the provision of a fully trained and experienced system operator.

In terms of locations we work both here in the UK and  Europe, servicing the rest of the world via our partner network. 

Services we offer

Services we offer

Fixed Eyetracking

Mobile Eyetracking

Results & Output