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eyetracker combine forces to deliver best-in-class global eye tracking services

Eye Faster, eyetracker UK, and eyetracker Australia are combining their unique expertise and outstanding resources to create one of the strongest offerings in global eye tracking research. Based in San Francisco, London, and Sydney respectively, each company adds several key strengths to the combined partnership.

According to Kirk Hendrickson, CEO of Eye Faster, “We are excited about joining forces with eyetracker UK and eyetracker Australia. Both of these companies have a long history of excellence in eye tracking and experience fielding across Europe and Asia Pacific. In combination with our shopper research expertise, our clients will benefit from an expanded global footprint and standardized deliverables. This means they can be confident on consistent methodology and research practices.”

Each of the three companies brings considerable expertise to the partnership.

Eye Faster
Eye Faster is the global partner for eye tracking research solutions in the retail environment.
Eye Faster designs, implements and delivers in-store eye tracking research solutions that provide real world shopper insights to retailers and brands that drive business results.
Eye Faster provides best in class services from operations through analytics, delivering large scale projects covering the whole store not just individual aisles.

eyetracker UK
Founded in 2002, eyetracker UK has become the leading eye tracking company in Europe gaining an enviable reputation for delivering meaningful results for many of the world's best known brands.
Offering both mobile (real world) and static (screen based) eye tracking solutions, eyetracker provides accurate, in-depth analysis on how customers interact with products providing real insights into "The First Moment Of Truth."

eyetracker Australia
eyetracker Australia is Asia Pacific’s leading eye tracking research company with expertise across a wide range of applications. These include market research for live shopper studies, pack and shelf testing as well as advertising and media research. In addition, the company has considerable experience in using eye tracking devices for human factors research, website usability and in-vehicle research.

The combined expertise will enable the three companies to deliver a wider range of services on a global scale, and at a consistent level of quality with local service and representation in each major time zone.

Commenting on the new partnership, Iain Janes, eyetracker UK’s Managing Director said, “Since January this year we have been working very closely with Eye Faster to integrate our methodologies. So now our clients in the UK who want to run a study in the US can be confident that the study will be managed to the same high standards, using identical equipment and identical reporting methodologies on both sides of the Atlantic”.

Peter Brawn, eyetracker Asia Pacific’s Managing Director adds, “The Eye Faster methodology provides a robust, quantitative and diagnostic approach for retail communication. It has proven results for multi-national clients and we are very excited to be able to offer this shopper research service throughout the Asia Pacific region.”