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Eye tracking Masterclass in the comfort and privacy of your own office!

I’ve been running eyetracker since it was first established in 2002.  Over these past 15 years I’ve enjoyed working on thousands of eye tracking studies covering a vast spectrum of subjects, and I’ve got some very interesting nuggets of knowledge to pass on.
As you will know, eye tracking holds a key role in research methodology – but are you fully aware of just valuable it could be to you in unearthing factual points behind the USP of your clients product?
Let me enlighten you by visiting  your office at a mutually convenient time to give you a complimentary personal masterclass in eye tracking.  This interactive presentation will take a maximum of 90 minutes and is open to as many colleagues as you may want to accommodate. 

I can guarantee that it will be an eye opening experience!

  • Topics covered in the eye tracking masterclass:
  • Realising the full potential of this powerful research tool
  • Understanding the technology (live application and screen based)
  • Reviewing recent case studies
  • Appreciating how to best set up a study
  • Mining the true data value
  • The does and don’ts of eye tracking
  • Plus Your questions and eye tracker answers

I would appreciate your speedy response as this offer is time sensitive -  so why not get in touch now to talk it through.