April 12th 2021

We are please to announce that in line with government guidelines, we are now taking bookings.

We are asking that anyone attending an eyetracking study (both our clients and respondents) test their temperature ahead of attending research and confirms that they are not displaying any COVID symptoms’ or have been in contact with anyone who has

  • Each respondent will also be asked to complete a short medical questionnaire that they will be asked to sign
  • They will also have their temperature taken, and anyone that appears to have an abnormal reading will not be allowed to wear the glasses
  • Sanitisers will be available at all times as well as PPE equipment (face masks and gloves) and all respondents will be expected to wear a mask
  • After each eyetracking journey all the equipment will be fully sanitised
  • Anyone attending an eyetracking study will  also be asked to sign a health acceptance waiver form 

We  have been working hard since the beginning of the lock-down to ensure that we are fully prepared to deal with any of the usual research requests we receive, whilst maintaining only the safest environment for everyone involved in a project

If you still have further questions then please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team at eyetracker. We will be more than happy to explain the actions we've taken or collaborate with you if your require something out of the ordinary for your project.




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